#7 - sterling silver lotus pendant w/labradorite & lapis lazuli

#7 - sterling silver lotus pendant w/labradorite & lapis lazuli

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This is a one of a kind necklace featuring a Sterling Silver Lotus pendant w/Labradorite & Lapis Lazuli.

Labradorite helps you to understand your own personal destiny. It is helpful for assisting transition and change in your life and guides you to the path that will bring you the most happiness.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that was very important in ancient Egypt as it helps one connect to the mystical realms and spiritual knowledge. It activates and energizes the throat and brow chakras helping one to "express their truth” and is known as the stone of total awareness. It helps one evolve by uncovering the blocks to joy in ones subconscious and can help overcome depression and bring happiness.

This very special limited collection is eleven one of a kind necklaces that were inspired by Tania's new song "Jungleflower" which is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and all music platforms. Each necklace is numbered, energetically activated  by Tania and comes with a certificate from Crystal Gypsy Designs. 

Stream or Download the song Jungleflower here!

Beads are Sterling Silver

Clasp is Sterling Silver 

Pendant is .5 Inch Wide x .5 Inches Long

Length is 16.75 Inches

Crystal Gypsy travels the world to find special amulets, crystals and stones that are handpicked for their energy. All Crystal Gypsy Designs are created with the intent to inspire healing and happiness within the wearer.

More then just a piece of jewelry, these designs are energized with blessings through ancient healing practices so that the stones are activated at their highest potential, making each 1 of a kind piece a sacred talisman to bring you peace, joy and love.