imperial topaz tibetan pendant w/ruby & pyrite

imperial topaz tibetan pendant w/ruby & pyrite

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This is a new Tibetan Sterling Silver pendant featuring Imperial Topaz.

Imperial Topaz is a healing stone that helps you to attract love & manifest your desires while getting in touch with your "mission".

Ruby energizes and balances bringing up anger and negativity for transmutation. It is a leadership stone and stimulates the heart chakra, encouraging you to "follow your bliss". It helps to retain wealth and ensures passion in life. It also shields against psychic attack and helps to reduce fear.

Pyrite provides a shield for negative energy. It is helpful for dispersing all kinds of negative vibrations while bringing in the warm energy of the sun and universal energies. This helps stimulate mental abilities and and physical perfection.


Beads are Sterling Silver

Pendant is 1.25 Inches Long x 0.5 Inch Wide

Length is Inches Long 18 Inches

One Of A Kind