very rare old tibetan pendant w/labradorite & ruby

very rare old tibetan pendant w/labradorite & ruby

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The amulet in this piece is a very rare antique Tibetan pendant which is over 110 years old. The back has animals engraved in the silver as the Tibetan believe that animals are sacred and if you wear the image of one against your skin it further enhances the energy of the stones.

Labradorite helps you to understand your own personal destiny. It is helpful for assisting transition and change in your life and guides you to the path that will bring you the most happiness.

Ruby helps to transmute fear and anger encouraging you to "follow your bliss", choosing the things in your life that truly make you deeply joyous. This in turn helps to attract more of these experiences as the mind then says "this is what I am looking for, this is what I am choosing."



Beads are Hilltribe Sterling Silver

Clasp is Sterling Silver Toggle Style

Pendant is 1.50  Inches Wide x 1.50 Inches Long

Length is 19 Inches

One Of A Kind & Infused With Love