buddha w/rhodocrosite & garnet

buddha w/rhodocrosite & garnet

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This pendant of Buddha is made from Bronze and is a reproduction of older Thai amulets. 

Rhodocrosite is a stone of the heart. It encourages self love through understanding the higher heart and the wisdom of compassion. When we truly seek to live this way our life transforms before our eyes. Before this happens we need to heal our own deeper emotions and this stone is wonderful for assisting in this transformation.

Garnet activates the life force. It is energizing to the body, bringing vitality. It also encourages serenity by clearing blocked and negative energy, which in turn inspires love and creativity, increasing the desire to help others.



Pendant is Bronze

Beads are Copper

Clasp is Copper & Toggle Style

Pendant is 1 Inch Wide x 1.5 Inches Long

Length is 7.5 Inches

One Of A Kind & Infused With Love