crystalline consciousness aura spray

crystalline consciousness aura spray

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This essence was inspired by an ancient pristine portal of energy in Tasmania, Australia. There are light codes that have been stored in the crystalline grid here holding powerful elemental energies that hold the frequency for the New Earth.

Crystalline consciousness is the capacity to act in a clear and concise way in one’s life, looking through the lens of the heart, connecting your Star Self to the New Earth. This essence is helpful for your Earth Mission and Purpose Statement.

The essence contains precious Tasmanian minerals as well as gem grade crystals. Sound also plays an important part of this essence and specific ancient mantras were used to activate and sustain the celestial, crystal and essential oil frequencies.

Quartz w/Hematite facilitating the Earth / Star connection * Citrine for manifestation * Smoky Quartz as a stabilizer * Aquamarine for clear communication * Tanzanite for spiritual vision * Pink Tourmaline to attune to the power of love * Gold for activation * Herkimer Diamond for Cosmic Consciousness