egyptian carnelian solar disc w/ kyanite & carnelian

egyptian carnelian solar disc w/ kyanite & carnelian

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This pendant features the solar disc representing the sun and 2 uraeus which is the upright form of an Egyptian cobra, portrayed as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, and divine authority in ancient Egypt.

Carnelian increases confidence, personal power and creativity. It is a great stone for public speakers and helps you to have more compassion in your life.

Kyanite helps one to assimilate spiritual knowledge so they can be translated into action, it also brings awareness to the heart in people who get caught up in their thoughts too much. It also helps spiritual ideas to be verbalized and never needs cleansing as it will not hold or accumulate negative vibrations.


Beads are Bali Silver

Pendant & Clasp are Sterling Silver

Pendant is 1.25 Inches x 1.25 Inches

Length is 18.25 Inches

One Of A Kind