feather w/tibetan turquoise & peruvian opal

feather w/tibetan turquoise & peruvian opal

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In Tibet there is a healing practice called Soul Healing to help one to have a long life. The arrow is a symbol for connecting to your soul energy and wearing turquoise is a symbol of your soul energy being strong.

Tibetan Turquoise is known as the "master healer stone", and is highly protective against negative energy. It enhances communication skills and assists you to live your personal truth in all areas. It is known as a highly spiritual stone to many cultures.

Chakra: Throat

Peruvian Opals help you to get heart centered by bringing a soothing vibration. They also assist you with meditation.

Chakra: Heart & Throat


Beads are Hilltribe Sterling Silver

Clasp is Sterling Silver

Pendant is 0.25 Inches Wide x 1.25 Inches Long

Length is 16.5 Inches

One Of A Kind