hiddenite crystal w/ black star diopside & mystic sapphire

hiddenite crystal w/ black star diopside & mystic sapphire

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Hiddenite is a type of Kunzite which opens the heart chakra producing a powerful feeling of peace and assists with loving communication and deep meditation.

Black Star Diopside is known as such for it's star in the crystal. It will help you connect to the Earth and assist in you finding your true passion. It also known as a stone of abundance and prosperity.

Sapphires in general are stones of spiritual light and truth. They encourage discernment and alignment with higher thought making them very helpful for anyone looking to connect with true wisdom in order to make the best decisions.

Mystic Sapphires have been treated with Titanium which give them a beautiful mystical magical sparkle! It is difficult to see here but when the light hits them they are beautiful!


Beads are Balinese Sterling Silver

Pendant & Clasp are Sterling Silver

Clasp is Toggle Style

Pendant is 0.25 Inches Wide x 1.75 Inches Long

Length is 16.5 Inches

One Of A Kind