kyanite w/ smoky quartz & mystic white quartz

kyanite w/ smoky quartz & mystic white quartz

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Kyanite helps one to assimilate spiritual knowledge so it can be translated into action. It brings awareness to the heart for those who get too caught up in their thoughts and it also helps spiritual ideas to be verbalized. It never needs cleansing as it will not hold or accumulate negative vibrations.

Smoky Quartz is deeply connected to Mother Earth. It helps to draw out negative energy and is a very healing and protective stone.

White Quartz can also be used clear negative energy, and to assist in stepping into personal power by recognizing patterns of limiting behavior. It provides support during the learning process.



Beads are Vermeil

Clasp is Vermeil & Hook Style

Pendant is .25 Inch Wide x .5 Inches Long

Length is 17 Inches

One Of A Kind & Infused With Love