labradorite w/pyrite

labradorite w/pyrite

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Labradorite helps you to understand your own personal destiny. It is helpful for assisting transition and change in your life and guides you to the path that will bring you the most happiness.

Pyrite provides a shield for negative energy. It is helpful for dispersing all kinds of negative vibrations while bringing in the warm energy of the sun and universal energies. This helps stimulate mental abilities and and physical perfection.


Beads are Sterling Silver

Clasp is Sterling Silver

Pendant is 1 Inch Long x 0.5 Inch Wide

Length is 18 inches


Crystal Gypsy travels the world to find special amulets, crystals and stones that are handpicked for their energy. All Crystal Gypsy Designs are created with the intent to inspire healing and happiness within the wearer.

More then just a piece of jewelry, these designs are energized with blessings through ancient healing practices so that the stones are activated at their highest potential, making each 1 of a kind piece a sacred talisman to bring you peace, joy and love.