machu pichu stone w/red coral

machu pichu stone w/red coral

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Macchu Pichu stone is a very specific form of serpentine and is a very powerful stone from Machu Pichu in Peru. Serpentine stimulates the rise of kundalini through the chakras. It also stimulates the crown chakra and can be highly useful for meditation as well as helping one to access past lives. It is a stone of the shaman.

Red Coral represents the ability to allow for flow & change in ones life & quiets the emotions. It helps to connect with the quality of the mystic within.

Beads are Balinese Sterling SIlver

Clasp is Sterling Silver

Clasp is Hook & Eye Style

Pendant is 0.5 Inches Wide x 1.75 Inches Long

Length is 17.5 Inches

Strung On Black Deerskin

One Of A Kind