peruvian opal w/tanzanite

peruvian opal w/tanzanite

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Peruvian opals enable one to go into meditation easily, as they help to induce a hypnotic state. They have a vibration that is soothing and calming making them good for people who have stressful lives as they help one to get centered in their heart.

Tanzanite stimulates the opening of the crown chakra to access the higher realms of spiritual energy. It facilitates release of all that that does not serve the greater good of the wearer, while transmuting older energies that no long serve the individual. It helps one in feeling the interconnectedness of all things and helps one to be at one with the all. It also helps with the development of psychic intuition. Even though this does not have a ruby it still inspires following your bliss through the properties of the tanzanite.

Beads are Balinese Sterling Silver

Clasp is Sterling Silver

Clasp is Hook & Eye Style

Pendant is 0.5 Inches Wide x 1.75 Inches Long

Length is 17.5 Inches

Strung On Black Deerskin

One Of A Kind