rose quartz w/ruby

rose quartz w/ruby

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Rose Quartz is known as the “stone of self-love” bringing peacefulness & calmness to relationships. It is attuned to the heart & crown chakras & can be used to connect to the energy of unconditional love. It assists with opening the heart chakra & soothing the wounded heart.

Ruby encourages you to "follow your bliss", choosing and focusing on the things in your life that truly make you deeply joyous. This in turn helps to attract more of these experiences as the mind then says "this is what I am looking for, this is what I am choosing."

Please note, all beads are unique so although it will be very similar, your necklace may be slightly different than the one pictured as all are one of a kind.



Beads are Balinese Sterling SIlver

Clasp is Sterling Silver

Clasp is Hook & Eye Style

Pendant is 0.5 Inches Wide x 17.5 Inches Long

Length is 18 Inches

Strung On Gray Deerskin

One Of A Kind