tourmalinated quartz w/citrine

tourmalinated quartz w/citrine

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Tourmalinated Quartz creates a protective field of energy as it is quartz containing black tourmaline which is highly protective against negative energy. It is helpful for reducing anxiety and stress.

Citrine never needs cleansing, as it does not hold negative energy. It balances the yin-yang energy & realigns the chakras while opening the navel & solar plexus, which enhances the physical body. It is a stone of personal power & creativity instilling confidence in the wearer. It is a stone of abundance & is good for business pursuits.


Beads are Vermeil

Clasp is Vermeil & Hook Style

Pendants are .25 Inch Wide x .75 Inches Long

Length is 18.25 Inches

One Of A Kind & Infused With Love