voice of truth

voice of truth

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This rare vintage Tibetan Amulet features fossilized conch shell which is one of the 8 Tibetan auspicious symbols. It represents the beautiful sound of Buddha’s teachings. The shell is from the Himalayas high on the plateaus and is said that these plateaus were originally under water millions of years ago.

Turquoise is known as the "soul stone” in Tibet, as it helps to balance the mind and soul. It is highly protective against negative energy around the wearer and enhances communication skills. Turquoise helps the wearer to live ones personal truth in all areas, therefore it is known as a highly spiritual stone, providing a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind.

Red Coral represents the ability to allow for flow & change in ones life & quiets the emotions. It helps to connect with the quality of the mystic within.


Beads are Sterling Silver

Pendant is 2 Inches Wide x 3 Inches Long

Length is 18 Inches Long

Clasp is Sterling Silver

One Of A Kind