“My grandfather was interested in the metaphysical arts and made sacred jewelry and I have always had an affinity with crystals and gemstones. I could always from a young age pick up a stone and feel it’s energy and I knew one day I would be drawn to work with them.

“My mother was very psychic and could always instinctively pick up on people’s inner world and I discovered I had inherited this talent when I started to read the tarot. I would look at someone and choose the stones for their piece and after I explained what the stones meant they would tell me that it mirrored what was going on in their life. This was exciting.”


Born in Tasmania, Australia Tania grew up pursuing music as a profession that led her to work with some of Australia’s biggest artists as a session and touring keyboard player and singer. After completing a world tour with Kylie Minogue she headed to the US to continue working on her own musical project, a pop band called SpaceJunky. She has written music for Gameboy and other artists including a song written by her and  Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Rafe Van Hoy called Lesson Of Love which helped Ashley Cleveland win a Grammy in ’95 for Best Rock Gospel Album. The song “Lesson Of Love” was also the album title

She has also played on recordings & albums by artists such as Billy Burnette (Fleetwood Mac), Steve Azar (SpaceJunky was his studio band), Paul Carrack, Bekka Bramlett, Kylie Minogue, Kix Brooks and Billy Mann (Pink, Sting, Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson). She has also appeared on Jay Leno, David Letterman as well as numerous other TV shows and has performed live as musical director for Michael McDonald and WIllie Nelson for one off appearances. She started creating sacred amulets for her friends while on tour in the US and overseas with Jamie O’Neal as her keyboard player and musical director and Crystal Gypsy Designs was born.

Crystal Gypsy Designs are more than just jewelry. Each stone, bead or crystal is hand picked by Tania, cleansed, energized with Reiki and dedicated so that it resonates at the highest energy for a divine purpose. A lot of the pieces come with a description of the energies of the stones, and some have their own distinct name and story in the form of a certificate. She believes each piece is created for one person and that they will be drawn to this piece by their souls’ intuition. Each piece tells a story and is unique, just like the person who wears it. Her main interest is in old spiritual pendants from around the world and antique TIbetan amulets which are very rare and in limited supply.

Tania is a certified Lopon which means “healer and teacher” in the Tibetan Energy Healing system of Tse Dup Yang Bod and is one of the first non Tibetan practitioners and teachers of this Ancient Tibetan Soul Healing in the US after a 5 year intensive with her Tibetan teacher Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche. She served on the Board of DIrectors for his non profit foundation Bon Shen Ling for 3 years as their Childrens Sponsorship Director before leaving to begin teaching Tse Dup Yang Bod. She is still actively involved in raising money for the Tibetan Bon children through jewelry sales and music CDs.

She has practiced various forms of energy healing for over 20 years and studied under Spiritual Masters of Indian, Tibetan, Japanese and Peruvian lineages. She is also an Intuitive Channel, Certified Hypnotherapist  and integrates these modalities into her healing sessions as well as Creative Visualization, Crystals and Sound Therapy through specific music she has created for her healing sessions.

Being in the music business for most of her life she has had the opportunity to study energy in the form of music and how it affects large groups of people, which gives her an edge working with creative people, performers in particular as she understands the challenges they face.

You can visit Tania's other sites here

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